Hi*Rise Bakery

2162 Larimer Street | Denver, CO | 303-296-3656


East-coast style bagels that boiled then baked fresh.
Real sourdough bread. English muffins. Focaccia. Sandwich rolls. Cinnamon rolls. Muffins. Cookies. Buttermilk biscuits with real butter and buttermilk. 

Why do we bake?

Because we are bread nerds.  Because fresh bread is better bread.  Because good bread makes a good sandwich. Because you can taste the difference.

When do we bake?

Very very early. Every day.
It's not unusual for someone to get their first job working at a restaurant while in high school or college. The owner and founder of Hi*Rise Bakery, Doug Anderson, was 32 with a wife and two kids when he got his first restaurant job baking bagels, and discovered he had found his calling. Patience, planning, and hard work led to the opening of Hi*Rise Bakery in Denver’s Ballpark Neighborhood in March 2009 at a moment when the US economy was bad but prospects on Larimer Street were good.
Since then the menu has evolved but the emphases remain the same: fresh bread made by hand, bagels mixed from scratch, sandwiches made by hand with quality meats. Rich tender cookies. And coffee, lots of coffee  - we proudly serve Novo, a neighborhood roaster just up the street from us.